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Personal Injury Law

Victims of wrongful conduct can recover money for both physical and mental injuries in California, and at Tenants Law Firm, we believe in helping victims recover the compensation that they deserve. With that principle guiding us, we have built a team of talented team of attorneys and legal professionals who share a commitment to serving personal injury victims. Let us help you protect:

  • Your health and wellness,

  • Your legal rights, and

  • Your financial interests.

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Personal Injury Law Basics

Personal injury law, or tort law, protects people harmed by the wrongful conduct of another person. In California, when someone's unlawful conduct causes injury or harm, tort laws give the injured party has a right to sue for damages. According to California law, there are two categories of wrongful behavior that may give rise to a personal injury case:

  • Intentional act to harm: An intentional act is when a person acts with the specific intent to harm another person.

  • Negligent act that causes harm: A negligent act is when a person's careless or reckless actions cause harm to another person.

Here, notice that in both of the personal injury scenarios above, the person's mental state is relevant toward determining the type of wrongful conduct. However, under certain circumstances, even when a person does everything reasonable to avoid harm, they can be held liable for injuries that they cause to someone else — and, this theory is known as strict liability.

Personal injury law also dictates when and how a victim can file a personal injury claim in civil court and sets limits on the damages award in a personal injury lawsuit — for example, the California courts set limits on when a victim can file a claim with the statute of limitations. After a person suffers a severe injury, the goal of personal injury law is to provide an opportunity to make the injured person "whole" again; and because of this, the legal remedies are capped so that the injured party will be awarded enough compensation to "make them whole" once more, but not more.

What are Personal Injury Laws in California?

In California, just like in most states, personal injury law is mostly a product of common-law rules that are dictated by judges rather than promulgated through the legislative process. In layman's terms, the common law means that when a judge decides on a case, that judgment becomes precedent that will bind subsequent courts when they are ruling on cases with similar factual circumstances. Therefore, each subsequent personal injury decision must comport with the standards set forth by the earlier judges' decisions, so the viability of a successful lawsuit will mostly depend on the outcome in past cases.

However, it is essential to note that common law is not the only body of law that may apply in a personal injury case — as there are some types of personal injury claims that are based on laws passed by a legislative body. When a tort affects public health and safety, to protect citizens from the harm caused by the tort, the government often steps in to pass statutory laws that make the specific behavior unlawful. Because it can be complicated to determine the applicable laws in personal injury cases, an attorney with a knowledge of local tort law can prove to be an invaluable resource.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Tenants Law Firm's practice areas include the full range of personal injury law and litigation services. We offer in-depth representation to Southern California clients in a variety of personal injury areas, including:

  1. PRemises Liability Accidents

    • Slip and Fall Accidents

    • Swimming Pool Accidents

    • Public Property Accidents

    • Retail Store Accidents

    • Dangerous Condition Accidents

    • Elevator and Escalator Accidents

    • Dog Bite Accidents

    • Wild Animal Accidents

  2. Products Liability

    • Defective Home Appliances

    • Defective Consumer Products

    • Toxic Materials Exposure

    • Fires and Floods

    • Toxic Torts

How Tenants Law Firm Can Help You Today

If you were injured because of another person's wrongful behavior and want just compensation, then you should get advice from a personal injury attorney who knows the law and can secure the compensation that you deserve. Look no further; the Beverly Hills personal injury lawyers at Tenants Law Firm are qualified to represent you. Because we understand that our clients must bear the physical pain of an injury as well as the significant financial hardship that comes from mounting medical bills and the inability to return to work, we are there for you every step of the way.

It can be overwhelming for any accident victim to deal with overzealous insurance adjusters who want to settle claims for as a little as possible. Because insurance adjusters know the average accident victim is not a legal scholar, they will try to overwhelm victims with legalese to take advantage of that fact. Although victims should always get the compensation they deserve, unfortunately, it rarely happens without an experienced attorney. So that the insurance company cannot take advantage of you after an accident, seek legal advice from a trusted personal injury lawyer.

Hiring a lawyer will not only help to soothe your anxiety through the grueling legal process, but it also makes smart financial sense. Our caring and dedicated accident attorneys understand that the economic impact of an injury can be staggering, with accident-related expenses adding up to thousands or even millions of dollars. So, if someone else's negligence caused your injuries, we firmly believe that you should not have to pay for the medical bills out of your pocket. At Tenants Law Firm in Beverly Hills, it is our commitment to this belief that makes us aggressively represent victims and their families to ensure the most favorable result possible.

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