About Us


Tenants Law Firm is dedicated to fighting for tenants' rights as protected by State laws. Landlords throughout California often believe they are above the law and do their best to circumvent local and state laws. There are many landlords who believe that it is acceptable to retaliate against tenants asserting their rights. Other landlords function as slumlords and refuse to maintain their properties. However, every tenant has the right to have access to habitable living conditions.

By taking the time to passionately advocate and educate our community, we strive to make a difference in preventing homelessness. We bring our extensive experience, pristine reputation, and skillful resources to every case.

Tenants Law Firm achieves exceptional results for our clients because it is our passion to bring unlawful landlords to justice. We are aggressive, knowledgeable, and tireless. We get great results because we are adept litigators and negotiators.

Tenants Law Firm can represent tenants for claims including:

  • Habitability Defects and/or Code Violations

  • Violations of Local Rent Ordinances

  • Retaliatory Acts

  • Interference with Quiet Use and Enjoyment

  • Personal Injuries

  • Harassment (including sexual harassment and other harassment)

  • Discrimination

  • Mobile Homes and Trailer Parks

  • Low-income Housing