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Unfortunately, it is not in the insurance companies best interest to pay you what you are entitled to. It is however in their best interest to settle quickly and pay you less to minimize their own financial loss. 

In natural disaster cases such as these Southern California fires, insurance adjusters will often try and settle as quickly as possible with a low and unfair payment amount to you. Don't settle without speaking to an attorney. We want to make sure you get every penny you deserve. 

Our lawyers are experts at negotiating with insurance companies and seeing through any tricks that the insurance company may be trying to use. We offer free case evaluations where we will review your insurance and discuss with you your legal options. We work on a contingency fee which means you will never pay anything out of pocket. Win or it's free, that's our law firm guarantee.

Recent California Fires

Click the image above to get a real-time update on fires from Google.

Click the image above to get a real-time update on fires from Google.

Most recently, Southern California has been battling deadly fires that have taken the lives of over 40 people. Firefighters from all over have been working rigorously to put out the fires with the use of trucks, water tenders, helicopters, and air tankers. Camp Fire is now the deadliest in California state history. 

Investigations remain ongoing to find the cause of the fires, though reports are surfacing about the electrical companies faulty equipment. In fact, electrical equipment is a leading cause of wildfire damage in the state of California. Because of the negligence of large corporations, many in California have lost their homes, businesses, or even lives due to faulty electrical equipment.

As a result, Lalezary Law Firm is now personally exploring these claims. If you were injured, your home was damaged, or you were evacuated from a fire anywhere in California, we highly recommend calling our office for a free case review. If we find the electrical company or any other corporation is at fault, we will be able to represent you and fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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